eBIRForms: No Email Confirmation

eBIRForms: No Email Confirmation

The Bureau of Internal Revenues launched the eBIRForms application in 2014 and mandated taxpayers to use this channel starting 2015. Through the application, individuals can conveniently fill out BIR forms and calculate their tax dues, as well as file their tax returns electronically without needing to visit their respective Revenue District Offices.

A Note on the Importance of Tax Return Receipt Confirmation

Electronic tax return filing is one of the key features of the eBIRForms. After filling out a particular BIR form, the application sends the accomplished and validated form online to the BIR.

The taxpayer then receives a system-generated confirmation email with the subject line “Tax Return Receipt Conformation,” thus indicating successful electronic filing transaction.

Note that this email confirmation is important for two reasons. The taxpayer needs to print out the email message and the accomplished form, and present both documents when paying their tax dues to an Authorized Agent Bank or any collection agent.

Furthermore, he or she also needs to keep the printed email message for future references, especially when manually filing the annual income tax return or settling disputes.

What To Do When You Haven’t Received an Email Confirmation?

However, in some instances, the electronic filing system of BIR fails to send out an email confirmation due to system glitches. There are several workarounds to this situation.

If the taxpayer does not receive an email confirmation for tax returns filed using the eBIRForms application, he or she should double-check the following:

• The email address used or indicated in the form should be valid and active

• The inbox of the email has enough storage space to receive new messages

• The email from BIR is not in the spam folder

• The BIR domain is not blocked by the security system of the computer

However, if there is no email notification received, the taxpayer should contact BIR via its dedicated phone number at 02-981-888 or email address at contact_us@cctr.bir.gov.ph as soon as possible. He or she can also visit his or her designated RDO.

Pertinent details should be included in the message. These include a brief explanation of the concern, specific time of electronic filing, type of BIR form or tax return, complete name, and Tax Identification Number or TIN.

It is important to note that BIR can take a while to send out the system-generated email confirmation. Under normal circumstances, the taxpayer receives this message within 30 minutes after submitting the form via eBIRForms. However, in some cases, it can take anywhere between 3 to 6 hours.

Remember to contact BIR after 24 hours have passed. To avoid missing the deadline and incurring penalties from late filing, it is highly advisable to file tax returns before their respective due dates.

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